Baby pattern inspiration

Oh dear.

Just for fun and to pass some time (can’t sleep anyway, since I have an exam tomorrow), I’ve been browsing around Drops baby patterns and found loads I can imagine myself doing. There’s plenty of time left before there’ll be any babies on the way, but when that time comes I’m so going to raid the yarn shop! O.ô


Maybe some inspiration for the rest of you?

(Under the picture you can change to preferred language).




Overlap jacket


Cardigan and socks


Hatponcho? 🙂




2 thoughts on “Baby pattern inspiration

  1. Marita says:

    Av mönstren du visar finns det några jag gärna stickat om jag haft mer tid. Mössan i alpaca är en jag kunde börja med direkt..få se om jag kanske gör det 😉
    ha ett trevligt veckoslut!

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