Crochet Pinapple shawl

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Ser inte mycket ut för världen innan den är blockad, men jag tror att den kommer bli härlig! 🙂

Mönstret är roligt men tyvärr fullt av misstag. Andras Ravelry-anteckningar hjälper mycket! Går ganska fort framåt – skoj att virka något annat än rutor!

Maria gjorde en jättefin i orange. Vem gjorde nyligen en i vitt? Jag glömde bort var jag hittade mönsterlänken från början. 🙂




Doesn’t look like much when not blocked, but I think it’s going to be fabulous! 🙂

The pattern is fun but full of mistakes, unfortunately. Others Ravelry notes are really helpful! I make quick progress – fun to crochet something else than squares!

Maria made a lovely one i orange. Who recently made one in white? I forgot where I got the pattern link from. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Crochet Pinapple shawl

  1. Ella Woolner says:

    Hello Madeline,

    Forgive me for contacting you in the comments as I could not find an email address, I am a follower of ‘Yarn Round Hook’ blog and saw your comment about being able to translate Swedish crochet pattern into English 🙂 I was hoping you could help me, I would be very grateful if you could 🙂 I have a pattern in Swedish and I have contacted the owner of the pattern and they do not have time to convert to English for me, I saw your comment after searching for ages on the internet for a site to help and wonderer if you would help me translate the pattern to English so I can make it? It is a very small pattern and a very cute make you would love it… Here is is:

    It is a little bunny, soooooo cute 🙂 anyway I hope to hear from you.

    Love. x x x

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