Mishmash, I was taking a bath…

Rensade lite bland mina bloggpostutkast! Här kommer lite gott och blandat att kika på! 🙂

Did some cleaning up among my older blog post drafts! Here is a small mishmash of this and that for you to enjoy! 🙂

Some photos of Volt! A free design of mine that I published last year – unfortunately I was really disappointed in this yarn; Adriafil Poema. The colors look absolutely lovely, but the red bled out and pretty much destroyed the whole project! 🙁




I gave the free lace shawl pattern Vlad a try once, but ended up frogging it. Really beautiful design though!


A few interesting hat patterns (links to Ravelry pages)


Quest for a man


Another new project that I should continue with – the free lace shawl pattern Murcia in Cascade 220. Planning on making this a as a gift!



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