About me

Leaf by leaf shawl

Hello there! Welcome to my place!


My name is Madeleine!

I’m a color loving, crafty and pretty shy woman in my late twenties, living in Göteborg with my husband – we met online almost 10 years ago – how about that? And, let’s not forget my beloved (and slightly crazy) cat Busan.

Since 2010 I’ve started crafting, blogging and designing, and the yarn madness is complete and never ending. I love the creative outlet and lovely crafty people like you – it’s just what I need! When not crafting, I’m studying to becoming a nurse.

What else? I’m one of those who’ll always have too many hobbies and too little time, no matter how much time I have to spare! When not studying to become a nurse, I occupy my days with Ravelry, photography, flea markets, books (mostly paranormal romance, horror, fantasy, adventure and cosy mysteries), color! ♥, colorful things, spending time at home, craft magazines, mythology and legends, movies, horror movies, chocolate, Johnny Depp, tea, writing letters…

You can also find me on Ravelry, Facebook, Pinterest and Goodreads.

Get in touch, please do! We might have loads of things in common! ^.^