The final swap from Hemlis 7



Look at this beautiful yarn that I got from my no longer secret Hemlis!

I love it, it’s just gorgeous! Thank you so much, Sandy – I’ve been very happy over every package from you! 🙂

You have to tell me where you bought this yarn, so I can indulge myself there as well!

The swap was again themed The wizard of Oz, and besides the yarn there was two lovely sock patterns, a bag and a small box. Thanks again!






7 responses to “The final swap from Hemlis 7”

  1. Clara avatar

    Wow, the color is out of this world!

  2. Debi Y. avatar

    Oooooo – beautiful yarn. 🙂

  3. Fiff avatar

    Wow, vilket garn!

  4. Maritas Maskor avatar

    Gud vilka snygga garner! Lyckliga du!!

  5. Maria avatar

    Underbara garner – grattis!

  6. Veronica avatar

    Va roligt. Jag har ju skickat paket till din hemlis. Så knäppt. Vilka fina saker du har fått =)

  7. sandykins57 avatar

    These yarns I received in an OZ themed sock club from Woolgirl ( She has special kits that she puts together now and then, always independent dyers. The blue and pink striped yarn that you got in November was from She doesn’t update very often, so I was lucky to come across her shop when she had a few skeins available.

    I’m so glad that you liked your packages. I had fun putting them together!

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