Author: madeleine

  • Find me on Instagram!

    Life is upside down. The blog is hibernating. But, I am still posting regularly on Instagram! Please come find me there! 😊💜

  • FO: Socks for hubby

    Hubby gets cold feet when working at the computer! Improvised hand knit socks for him ❤😊

  • Hipp #5 §

    Look at the pretty colors! 😊 Time is scarce. We moved house this summer, and moving with a 4yo and a 10 month baby? No. Only the most basic knitting for me, and no time to sit down at the computer. Writing this short paragraph, I’ve already been disturbed three times. Not sure yet how…

  • Octocowl, again

    Another Octocowl in the making for my boy! I absolutely love the green one I made for him a while back – it’s awesome to just pull on when it’s cold. (Especially since he doesn’t like to zip up his jacket too high.) This time using his favourite color red; Malabrigo Worsted, colorway Vermillion. I’ve…

  • Viajante in white

    My two Viajante (first and second, still not photographed for some reason) are among the knits I use the most. They take time to finish up, but are awesome to wear. On a whim I decided to CO a new one using a long timer in my stash – Sandnes Soft Alpakka in white.

  • Origami sweater

    Needed a new simple knit, so CO for an Origami sweater yesterday. Isager Silk Mohair and Allegria merino, striped with Schoppel Wolle Edition 3. 😊

  • Jane Jacket

    Got inspired after looking at some lovely crochet designs by The Moule Hole on Instagram. Besides the yellow baby blanket it’s been a long time since I did any crocheting. Decided to start up a Jane Jacket using stash yarn. At first I tried the multicolored combo up top, but the beautiful colors sort of…

  • Ljus #4

    Wanted to make changes, both to the lace itself, and its placement. CO another vest from the other end of the skein – made it easy to choose!

  • Ljus #3

    Parenting. Despite the rain, still going to the playground with your 3 year old. Always bring your knitting!

  • FO: Skymning

    Voila! My little girl is an amazing model – here showing off my new tunic Skymning! Time to get my notes deciphered and the pattern test knitted. 🙂