Category: scrap projects

  • Scrap blanket #2

    Making progress on the scrappy blanket!

  • FO: Scrappy vest for T

    Another knitting success! This vest is T’s current favourite. Magic ball, yarn simply knotted together – not visible in the final fabric. Awesome, in other words. Improvised from the top down. Cryptic notes for a 3-4 year size can be found on my project page.

  • Girly bib in action

    This summer I made plenty of scrap bibs from the pattern Girly bib. Here we have one in action!

  • Scrappy blanket

    Blanket in progress! I’ve shown you something similar before, with this scrap yarn blanket. That one is resting for now. I work simple garter stitch strips, seaming them together when finished. Combining colors are as much fun as the knitting itself! Here I’ve collected all scraps and odd skeins in red, pink, brown and orange/…

  • Notes; Split brim bonnet 3yo size

    Here you go! Improvised bonnet; 3,5 year old size CO 35 sts 11 rows 1×1 ribbing (working flat) Join in the round Stockinette, 12 rounds (K3, k2tog) around Knit round (K2, k2tog) around Knit round (K1, k2tog) around Knit round K2tog around, = 7 sts K1, (K2tog) to end = 4 sts Tie off. Add…

  • FO: Split brim bonnet x2

    For a while there I went completely nuts about knitting bulky hats. A perfect way to use up some stash, and also whipping up some gifts for Christmas. Let’s just say that these two are not the only ones. 🙂 Adult bonnet Yarn; Araucania Azapa + Drops Air held double Pattern: Charlotte’s Split Brim Bonnet

  • Split brim bonnet 3yo

    With the scraps from my own bonnet, I improvised one for my boy! The white wasn’t enough on it’s own, so I incorporated some scraps in one of his favourite colors. Notes to come!

  • Charlotte split brim slouch

    Had to do some digging among very old blog posts to find the name and source of a very nice yarn scrap I had. Normally I always remember, but not this time! It is Azapa from Araucania – a merino, alpaca and silk blend originally planned for a Lime Queen Tunic, but ended up as…

  • Marled Mania Cardigan

    Raid i garnskåpet efter blandade rosa och lila för att göra Stephen Wests Marled Mania cardigan. Behöver använda upp lite av mina sock- och sjalgarner – har många ensamma härvor som oftast inte räcker till projekt jag vill göra. Stash dive for various pinks and purples to make Stephen West’s Marled Mania cardigan. Need to…

  • En slow hjorning

    Ytterligare ett fynd från Instagram, en dansk design av CreaJunkie kallad En slow hjørning. Jag skickade klart kroppen, men just nu vilar den. För lite sticktid med en ny bebis, så bara några få utvalda projekt får vara igång för stunden. Another find from Instagram, a Danish design by CreaJunkie called En slow hjørning. I…