Pattern: Glänta

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– a pattern from Yarn-Madness

Available languages: English

Available sizes: Nb-3m/6-12m/12-18m/2-3y (4-6y/8y/10y/12y)

Ravelry page

3.50 USD (ca 23 SEK)


Glänta – Swedish for ”forest clearing”, is a super cute and fluffy tunic that every little girl will love. A playful and seamless creation worked in one piece from the top down, and if desired decorated with a cute crochet flower and button.


Nb-3m/6-12m/12-18m/2-3y (4-6y/8y/10y/12y)

Approximate body chest circumference for sizing:
16/17-18/18-20/20-22 (22-25/26.5/28/30) inches, or 40/43-45/45-50/50-55 (55-63/66/70/75)cm.

Materials and tools

Worsted or aran weight yarn;
160/200/250/300 (340/400/450/500) yards, or
140/185/230/275 (310/365/410/460) meters


3 responses to “Pattern: Glänta”

  1. […] Trolltyg har varit så rolig att göra, att det är svårt att sluta! Efter den tunnare versionen med spets, ville jag göra en för tjockare garn också – det slutade med en rätstickad version utan ärm, med samma virkade blomma som jag använde för Glänta. […]

  2. Missy avatar

    Hello! I would love to buy this pattern and possibly another one. Is there anyway to purchase without going through Ravelry?
    I hope there is! I look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Missy :$

    1. madeleine avatar

      Hello! I’m glad you like my patterns! They are also available through the Loveknitting site. 🙂

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