Pattern: Magnus’ Hat

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Magnus’ hat

– a free pattern from Yarn-Madness

Available languages: English, Svenska (se längre ner på sidan)

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After my fiance Magnus lost the hat I’d knitted for him, I didn’t find the right pattern – so, I decided to sit down and make my own!

Make sure your row gauge is correct – if you get more rows per inch you might need to add a bit to the pattern (more rib rows, for example) to get the right length to the hat.

Pattern info

Yarn Weight: Worsted
18 stitches and 22 rows = 4 inches
US 7 – 4.5 mm
Yarn suggestion – Drops Nepal


3 different colors of worsted weight yarn.

Sample used Drops Nepal (MC 2920-Orange, CC1 0506-Dark Gray, CC2 0590-Light Gray).

Yardage: MC – Appr 60 m, CC1 – Appr 60 m, CC2 – Appr 30 m




Cast on 100 sts in MC.

Knit 6 rows of 2×2 rib.

chart 1

On row 1 of chart 1, evenly increase 8 sts (108 sts).

Chart 1 = 9 repeats.

When finished with chart 1, continue with chart 2.

chart 2

Chart 2 =  6 repeats.

On row 19, start decreasing: sk2togp  = slip 1, k2tog with the same color as the slipped stitch, pass slipped stitch over


Row 19: K3 in pattern, *sk2togp, K6*, repeat *-* until last 3 sts, K3.

Row 20: Knit one row in pattern.

Row 21: K2 in pattern *sk2togp, K4*, repeat *-* until last 2 sts, K2.

Row 22: Knit one row in pattern.

Row 23: K1 in pattern *sk2togp, K2*, repeat *-* until last st, K1.


Keep working like this, knitting the stripes into points, until you have 4 sts on the needles.

Cut thread, pull tight through remaining sts and secure on the inside.

Block if needed, weave in all ends.


Mönster (Svenska)


Garn i 3 olika färger, masktäthet 18 m / 10 cm.

På bilden: Drops Nepal (MC 2920-Orange, CC1 0506-Mörkgrå, CC2 0590-Ljusgrå).

Rundsticka 4,5 mm

Garnåtgång: MC – ca 60 m, CC1 – ca 60 m, CC2 – ca 30 m


cdm = centrerad dubbelminskning = lyft 1 m, 2 räta tillsammans med samma färg som den lyfta maskan, dra lyft maska över.




Lägg upp 100 maskor med MC.

Sticka resår i 6 varv (2×2).

På varv ett av diagram 1, öka med 8 maskor jämnt fördelat över varvet (108 m).

Diagram 1 = 9 mönsterrapporter.

chart 1

När diagram 1 är färdigstickat, fortsätt med diagram 2.

Diagram 2 = 6 mönsterrapporter.

chart 2

På varv 19, börja minska:

Varv 19: 3 r enl mönster, *cdm, 6r*, repetera *-* till sista 3 m, 3r.

Varv 20: Sticka räta enligt mönster.

Varv 19: 2 r enl mönster, *cdm, 4r*, repetera *-* till sista 2 m, 2r.

Varv 22: Sticka räta enligt mönster.

Varv 19: 1r enl mönster, *cdm, 2r*, repetera *-* till sista m, 1r.


Fortsätt sticka på detta sätt (forma ränderna till spetsar), tills du har 4 m kvar på stickorna.

Klipp tråden, dra genom resterande maskor och fäst ordentligt på insidan.

Sträck om det behövs, fast alla trådar.


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  1. Toni avatar

    Thank you for offering this pattern. The hat is gorgeous and I want to make it but when I download the pattern it will not open due to being a pfd documents

    1. madeleine avatar

      Hi Toni! The pattern is now available in plain text on this page!

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