Yarn Madness

  • Skymning #3

    Almost there!

  • Skymning #2

    Realized that my more recently purchased skeins of Malabrigo Worsted was way off the normal gauge, way too thin. So, had to start over with another one. Here going strong with colorway Polar morn. Pullover tunic with lace panels in the making!

  • Skymning #1

    Time to get back to blogging again! What better day than on my birthday? Just made a banana split cake for todays dinner 😊 Here casting on for a new design with Malabrigo Worsted in colorway Applewood. Gorgeous!

  • From older days…

    Need to figure out where I’m at – what I’ve posted on the blog, what not. Not to mention descipher notes and write the patterns for the new designs I’ve made. Time and energy is low. Preparing for moving house this summer. Much to do, preparing to sell our old place. Meanwhile, from older days.…

  • Knitting life

    I am alive. Playground knitting today. The whole family has been sick in January, so feeling pretty exhausted. Working on an experiment (an adult vest for me), and looking forward to see how it turns out. Planning on releasing some new free patterns soon, too!

  • Scrap blanket #2

    Making progress on the scrappy blanket!

  • Ljus vest #2

    LOVE the color! Totally went “oooh” when this came in the mail. Malabrigo Worsted, colorway Shocking Pink. Here I’ve CO for my new vest design Ljus.

  • FO: Humla cardigan

    Modeled photos of upcoming design Humla! Plenty of room to grow for my 10 week old girl! 

  • FO: Hipp vest

    A new design finished up. Still need to do the pattern writing, but I had lots of fun with this one! I’m calling it Hipp! Perhaps better worn over something though, unless you like the belly button peekaboo look 😆

  • FO: Baby quilt

    Happy new year! I look forward to what 2020 has to bring! 💚 Here; Quilted floor blanket that I made for my girl while pregnant. Stash fabric in yellow and green. Stashing up on second hand bed linen is great!

Got any book recommendations?