Category: baby/child

  • Ljus vest #2

    LOVE the color! Totally went “oooh” when this came in the mail. Malabrigo Worsted, colorway Shocking Pink. Here I’ve CO for my new vest design Ljus.

  • FO: Humla cardigan

    Modeled photos of upcoming design Humla! Plenty of room to grow for my 10 week old girl! 

  • FO: Hipp vest

    A new design finished up. Still need to do the pattern writing, but I had lots of fun with this one! I’m calling it Hipp! Perhaps better worn over something though, unless you like the belly button peekaboo look 😆

  • FO: Baby quilt

    Happy new year! I look forward to what 2020 has to bring! 💚 Here; Quilted floor blanket that I made for my girl while pregnant. Stash fabric in yellow and green. Stashing up on second hand bed linen is great!

  • FO: Bonnet for G

    Result of stash bust. Turned out great! The four year old recipient seemed to approve very much! 🙂💕 Same improvised model as the one I made for my boy.

  • FO: Scrappy vest for T

    Another knitting success! This vest is T’s current favourite. Magic ball, yarn simply knotted together – not visible in the final fabric. Awesome, in other words. Improvised from the top down. Cryptic notes for a 3-4 year size can be found on my project page.

  • New vest design in progress; Ljus

    Swatching for a new pullover vest design. For my boy I’ve already made Stilig, Nyfiken and Rim – this time I’m making one for my wee baby girl! 🙂 Yarn used for swatch is Madeline Tosh Merino in colorway Carnation.

  • Winter socks for T

    I got this to make colorful warm winter socks for my boy. I haven’t CO yet, so many other fun projects in my basket. But winter seems so far away! Where is it? I’m getting sick of this wet, rainy darkness…

  • Girly bib in action

    This summer I made plenty of scrap bibs from the pattern Girly bib. Here we have one in action!

  • Flower cardigan + Selma

    Keeping this sleeping baby warm and cozy: Flower cardigan!