2. Patterns – Baby/Child


4 responses to “2. Patterns – Baby/Child”

  1. Debrah avatar

    The link to downloading the Baby Blizzard pattern is eluding me. Where do I find it?

    1. madeleine avatar

      Click on the language you wish to view! 🙂

  2. Helen Hall avatar
    Helen Hall

    Wow! I really love your patterns. The designs are unique and special. Thank you for the free ones.

  3. Melody avatar

    I am working on Your child’s Leksak. Size 2 yr.
    After Row 10 it says to repet 9& 10 , 11 Times.
    You have a total of 158 stitches when done with these repeats. However, I only come up with 110.
    Am I doing something wrong or is there a correction to the pattern?
    Thank You! Love this pattern.

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