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  1. geraldine avatar

    love your yet to be named child’s cardi, what about “Yikes Stripes”

    1. madeleine avatar

      Hey, I actually really like the sound of that! 😀

  2. Carol avatar

    Re: Vuxen Vinkel is a short sleeved waistcoat in self-striped yarn Aran weight.

    I have made several rectangular items in garter stitch and would like to try something different.
    Would it work if knitted with a small amount of purling or eyelets, something simple, or the occasional couple of rows in stocking stitch for variety? If too complicated or time-consuming I can embroider a few stitches .

    I am sure I read that items knitted in st. st. have a different gauge from the same in all garter stitch.

    Thank you for any advice as perhaps all I require is a little decoration on this waistcoat-cardigan.

    Carol UK

    1. madeleine avatar

      Absolutely! Since this garment is worked completely to measurements, gauge isn’t critical. You can spice it up however you like! It will affect the amount of yarn you need for the project, though. 🙂

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