Strawberry Qtie-Amigurumi doll

Strawberry Qtie-Amigurumi doll
Originally uploaded by TGLD dolls

Just bought the pattern for this sweet thing, and also for a gorgeous little japanese wedding couple, bride and groom. I haven’t crocheted any amigurimi yet, but now I can’t wait to start! 🙂

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5 responses to “Strawberry Qtie-Amigurumi doll”

  1. Rosenvante avatar

    Den var verkligen söt. Lycka till

  2. Debi Y. avatar

    She’s really cute – have fun creating her. 🙂

  3. ellenkantarellen avatar

    En riktig sötnos, du kommer att göra henne jättefin.

  4. Hedvig avatar

    Men vad söt! 🙂

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