African Flower Pillow

African flower pillow

African flower pillow

African flower pillow

African Flowers

African Flowers

Av lite african flowers i bomull fick det bli en kudde! Redan färdigsydd, men den behöver lite mer fyllning för att bli helt klar 🙂

Jag älskar altanen till nya huset – en perfekt fotobakgrund till handarbete!


Some cotton african flowers turned into a pillow! Already put together, but needs some more filling to be completely finished.

I love the sun deck to our new house – a perfect photo background for crafts!



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9 responses to “African Flower Pillow”

  1. Erin Kate avatar

    Ooh, it’s beautiful! I love the colors you used.

  2. Annika GW avatar

    Läckert!/ Annika

  3. Grateful4Crochet avatar

    Wow- that is so pretty!

  4. Debi Y. avatar

    Your pillow is very pretty. 🙂

  5. virkpia avatar

    Jätte snyggt!

  6. MsPurrl avatar

    Beautiful! This is one I definitely want to try 🙂

  7. Sofia-Sobeide avatar

    Så fin! Tråkigt att det inte finns färdiga innerkuddar i alla möjliga olika former :D..

  8. disa avatar

    Superfin! =)

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