Belated goals for 2013 (Försenade mål för 2013)

Haha! Jag hittade detta bland mina utkast, skrivet i januari men bortglömt. Bättre sent än aldrig!


Lol! I found this among my drafts, written in January but then forgotten. Hey, better late than never!

Goals for 2013:

  • Get a good start at university.
  • Loosing weight.
  • Buying less books (reading more that are already waiting on the shelf)
  • Use up stash yarn!
  • Baby making!
  • Going on our honeymoon
  • Continue renovating our row house – small projects everywhere!
  • Keep the blog more up to date with what I’m currently working on, and post more often.
  • Make more time for reading and commenting on blogs.






2 responses to “Belated goals for 2013 (Försenade mål för 2013)”

  1. Saras pyssel avatar

    Det låter som att både du & alla vi bloggläsare har ett spännande år framöver! 🙂

  2. lilirious avatar

    You have awesome goals! I still haven’t figured out what my goals should be.. 😛

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