New pattern: Speciell cardigan


Sharpen your needles for this fun top-down cardigan – easy garter stitch mixed up with a lovely surprise on the back! Speciell means “special” in Swedish. Perfect for playtime in the park and chilly evenings!

“A squishy cardigan with a special surprise on the back.”

Ravelry page

Approximately 3 USD / Ca 35 kr

Yay! Ett nytt mönster är klart! Koftan Speciell finns nu på Ravelry i storlekarna nyfödd till 10 år. 🙂 Kan köpas direkt med knappen ovan!

Yay! A new pattern is edited and finished! The cardigan Speciell is now available on Ravelry in sizes newborn through 10 years. 🙂 Can be purchased directly with the button above!




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