Pattern: Skimmer Mini

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Skimmer Mini

– a pattern from Yarn-Madness

Available languages: English

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3 USD / 20 SEK : 


Skimmer is a seamless top-down cardigan for babies and children, long sleeved to keep the chilly days at bay, and with a fun yet easy texture detail to spice things up a little! The perfect autumn and winter garment for both boys and girls!


Newborn/3m/6m/1y/2y (3y/4y/6y/8y/10y)

Actual chest circumference of garment:
15.6/17.2/18.8/19.6/21.2 (22.8/24.4/25.6/27.2/28.8) inches, or
39/43/47/49/54 (58/62/65/69/73) cm


MC – Main color (shown in gray)
CC – Contrast color (shown in blue)

Nurturing Fibers Merino DK Singles;
1/1/2/2/2 (2/3/3/3/4) skeins of each color,

or approximately
MC: 100/110/130/150/180 (220/250/280/320/350) yards, or 90/100/120/135/165 (200/230/255/295/320) meters
CC: 100/110/130/150/200 (240/280/320/350/390) yards, or 90/100/120/135/175 (220/255/295/320/360) meters
of any DK weight yarn of your choice.


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