Pattern: Surpris

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– a pattern from Yarn-Madness

Available languages: English

Available sizes: Nb/3m/6m/12m/2y (4y/5y/6y/8y/10y)

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Surpris is my newest invention, a fun cardigan for the small girls – short in the front and long in the back, with a perfect opportunity to play with different colors. It’s all knitted seamless and top-down in one piece, and not a wrap in sight! Instructions are given for both a long and a short version.

Note: Surpris for adults is in the making!


Newborn (chest: 16 inches/40 cm)
3 months (chest: 17 inches/43 cm)
6 months (chest: 18.5 inches/45 cm)
12 months (chest: 19.5 inches/50 cm)
2 years (chest: 22 inches/55 cm)
4 years (chest: 24 inches/60 cm)
5 years (chest: 25.5 inches/65 cm)
6 years (chest: 26.5 inches/67 cm)
8 years (chest: 28 inches/71 cm)
10 years (chest: 30 inches/76 cm)

Choose size after chest measurement rather than age. Garment looks best with some negative ease.

4.5 sts and 6 rows per inch in stockinette

Materials and tools:

Worsted or light aran weight yarn

Note: Yardage is a rough approximation, since it all depends on how much of the MC one chooses to use in the skirt.
Also, the yardage estimates are for the longer skirt version.

Main Color
– Appr 110/120/150/165/185 (200/220/240/260/300) meters
or 120/130/160/180/200 (220/240/260/280/320) yards

Contrast Color
– Appr 110/120/165/185/200 (230/295/290/320/360) meters
or 120/140/180/200/220 (250/320/345/400/500) yards


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  2. Raewynne avatar

    how can I get this pattern its gorgeous

    1. madeleine avatar

      Hello there!
      I’m glad you like my pattern!
      It’s available to buy with Paypal on the site you visited, and also on Ravelry. Follow the links under the photos! 🙂

      Happy knitting!!

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